Are We willing to Pay the Price

Are you willing to pay the Cost?

Following Christ and doing his will, is not the easy road nor is it supposed to be.  You see Christ suffered an awful death for US! All of US! Obedience to God often comes at a cost, are we prepared for that cost? Would we really endure the cost of obedience? Let’s look at Paul in 2 Corinthians 11: 23-33 – Paul was beaten five times receiving 39 lashes, beaten with rods, stoned, ship wrecked, endured sleeplessness, nakedness, cold, hunger and thirst, along with many other things.  Let’s just look at what is listed.  Yes, many have been beaten for their faith in the Lord Jesus, but have we endured anything close to what Paul paid for his obedience?  I would dare say that none of us, have.  Yet, we still find it so hard to show obedience to the Lord, why is it? Is it because our Saturday night friends might be shocked that we even go to church? Is it because our actions don’t speak of someone that is serving the Lord? Is it because the Good Lord doesn’t have control over our entire life? Is it because “well on Sundays I rest that day and don’t feel like going to church?” Well, let’s look at this….. Being obedient to Christ is more than going to church on Sunday, but what if Jesus said “no I’m too tired to die for their sins today, I’ll catch them next week?” and then next week never comes because we always have something else to do when it comes time for worship? How would we feel if we had no hope of eternity because Jesus was too tired to do for us, but yet we can’t do some of the smallest things for Him. Our chuch is doing an Experiencing God study and I have gotten so much out of it.  I’ve seen where I’m so short of serving God fully.  People, lets understand that Christ is there waiting for you to take the invitation to serve him.  No matter if you’re a born again Christian that has fallen away or someone that has never known Jesus.  Regardless what your past is, where you think you may be, or how much time you think you may have…. WE are not promised tomorrow! I can speak 1st hand of that, a subject I don’t mention a lot.  Dec 23, 2007 the Lord chose to take my baby brother from this earth, we don’t know why, it was Christmas time and man did that ever make things so much harder.  He left behind a 7 year old son and a wife, not to mention his parents and 2 siblings.  I don’t think for a moment that when my brother got up that morning to go hunting, he ever had an inkling it would be the last time he would come home to his family.  So, when I tell you tomorrow is not promised I know from 1st hand experience.  Don’t wait, if the Lord is calling you to do something, STAND UP, BE BOLD, BE THE LIGHT, TAKE HIS INVITATION TO LET HIM HAVE YOU FULLY AND WORK THROUGH YOU.

Happy Tuesday!

Love in Christ,


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