A professional singer was invited to sing at the wedding of a very wealthy man. On the invitation it stated that the reception was going to be held at the top tower of a skyscraper.  She and her husband was very excited to attend and be a part of this event. Once it was time for the reception the bride and groom ascended to the top of the beautiful  staircase. There was a Maitre d’ at the top with a bound book. In this book contained the names of all the guest attending the reception.  At the top she told the maitre d’ her name and he looked, no one by that name. She then spelled it and again, the name was not found.  The maitre d’ called the attendant over and asked him to escort this couple accordingly.  So he ushered them to the elevator and pushed G for parking garage.  Once in the car and on the way home, the husband takes his wife by the hand and says “honey what happened?” It was then she realized that in the excitement of being invited and getting to see the top of this beautiful skyscraper, she never responded to the RSVP. She had assumed because she was the singer, surely she would get to go to the reception.  

You see this is the way alot of people are when it comes to the invitation to accept Christ. They are too busy to stop and accept Christ and live for him, but they have all this excitement about going to Heaven. However, when they stand before the Lord and their name isn’t in the Lamb’s Book of Life, it will be then that they realize they never accepted the invitation from Christ.  They received it and was excited about going there, but didn’t RSVP. Is this how you will be? Have you secured your place at the great reception? It’s not too late!

Love you all!! 

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